Thursday, September 29, 2016

Ms. Mildred

Today was my best friend's birthday and party. As a early gift she gave me this journal. Do I need a proper introduction? I'll do one anyways-
Hello, my name is Kate Waterfield and I am currently 11 years old. I live in Loveland, Colorado.

I woke up from a terrible dream again. I'm  pretty sure I have some kind of sleeping disorder. Anyway, I wrote it down in my dream journal-

Ok,  I was sitting on my porch and it started raining, but it wasn't rain. It was red and I am was pretty sure it was blood. When all of a sudden the street started flooding with the red substance. It was flooding the houses and staining everything from clothes, to yard, to animals. And the woman was there again. You know the woman with the scarred legs and the eerie feel. And she was walking towards me. I said, "Hi" , no response kept walking towards me. I said, "Hello?" , no response. Then she walked towards me, grabs my neck and threw me into the flood and then I woke up.


I woke up and looked at my phone and saw that a heavy storm in someplace place in the world I didn't  really care about . It showed a picture of the streets flooded and everybody's yards flooded. And then I thought: did my dream just come true? There is only one casualty and there's only one casualty in my dream too. I don't tend to think about it too much because then I just freak myself out. I thought it was just a coincidence but this happened before-

Last night I had a dream that is my birthday (which is tomorrow by the way).  But for my birthday I got a pretty good phone and then it stopped working. I got a new one it was much worse than the other one because the lady gave it to me. I tried to give it back but she wouldn't take it so I threw it at her feet and walked away.

On my 12th birthday the next day my dream came true I got a phone and I was pretty happy. It wasn't that good and it stopped working but I got a new one that was better I know it's not that much but still. It still creeps me out.

Hello, good morning. OK so I know I have to leave for school because it's Thursday, but I wanted to get this done really quick. I had a dream that the lady came into my house to steal my cat and walked away. She was at school the next day which is weird because today and then I guess she turned my cat into a hat. K bye.

OK, so I had a dream that the lady came to my house, picked up my cat Gatsby, put him on a leash and walked out. I was getting ready for school and when I went to school and she was my substitute teacher and my cat was sitting on her head. I tried to call to him but he wouldn't come. He was dead and turned into a hat.

Hi, "the lady" has moved in next door. She has the same facial features, same voice, same scars, and same eerie feel. My mom said we had to go meet her. Ughhhhh. She was nice, too nice. Sadly my cat ran away a week after "the lady" moved in. Oh by the way, "the lady's" name is "Mildred McDonald". It took her three seconds to remember her "own" name. I think it is fake, but whatever. "Mildred" is a widow with no children and her 35th birthday is next Monday. She invited us to her birthday party, but I am NOT going.

Hello, last night's dream was the scariest of them all. "Mildred"  took in four children to her house (my perspective was in a 7 year-old girl) and she was slowly starving us. Once we were dead (my perspective changed to third person), she gutted us and stuffed our bodies. Once done, we were like dolls. She dressed us, feed us, and put us to sleep like she was our mother.

Mom had forced me to go to "the lady's" party, but I am glad I went. There was actually a lot of people there and knew most of them. In the back of my mind I felt like there was something off. After the party everyone went home, at least I think. I saw a little girl (who I didn't know) go in the house and not come out. She probably just left after we did or something else...

A little girl named Amanda Grover is missing: height 4' 3", weight 4 lbs, age 7.  

I can see Amanda. She is locked in a room upstairs banging on the window. I don't say anything, I don't want to seem like I put her there. I know I should. She is calling for help tears running down her face. I need to go.

I had a dream repeat of 9-3-16 but there were only three of us.

2 year old Brain Smith is taken from normal daycare building while playing at park: height 2' 7" and weight 27 lbs.


I was watching the news a little bit ago and it spoke to me nothing was getting in to my memory, except for one thing-
"And now to Barbra with the sad story of those two children still missing. Barbra-", says some guy named John.
"Thanks John. Well, all we know is that they were believed to be taken by the same person. If anyone has any information please call 558-2637."
I kinda chuckle to myself.
"Of course they were taken by the same person. Ha! They don't even know it!"
I think I am going insane.

Mildred took me in. I am in the same room as Brian and Amanda. She comes in holding a plate of food. Food,  just what  we want. She drops it on the floor and spits in it. We scramble for it. As we are shoving food in our faces, I am the only one that sees her pull out a knife. She raises it and, and .... I wake up to the sound of a ear bleeding scream. It was in my dream. I think.

I woke up. I look out my window and I only see the boy, sitting there. Crying. Not banging, not screaming, just crying. Is it bad that I feel no sympathy? Is it? Well, I think I should start investigating. I am going to bring this notebook to record my findings. If I don't come back, I leave everything to my mom and my best friend: Emma.

Ok, just finished packing things I might need: snacks, water, and a knife.
Asked mom to go over to "Ms. Mildred's" house to help with some "yard work". It is ok. She let me in and said that I need to start with the living room (which is already pretty clean). I asked to clean bathroom upstairs and downstairs. When I finished downstairs, I started to walk up and-
"Oh Kate, please stay out of the third room on the right, it is my bedroom. I'd rather clean that room myself.", she warns me.
"Ok.", I answer.
I know where I need to go. Third room on the right. Oh by the way I am in the bathroom writing this. Goodbye.

Ha, who would have thought that Kate's last words would be- Goodbye. I'll tell the other half of the story. So, she walked into my children's room. She was atomically frozen at the sight of Amanda sitting against the wall. Amanda was at the final stage of my plan: doll. I saw what she had in her bag- a perfectly good knife. The boy, whatever his name was, tried to run away, but oops, he ran straight into my weapon. In the end I then had three dolls instead of  one. It was just so easy to grab the boy. I enjoyed the feeling of  playing mom during dinner. Should I return all the children? 

I called the police just now, saying that "I know where the three missing children are, I killed them all." , and  hung up.  Ha, but they are already at their mother's house's waiting to come in. Each one sitting in a box with a note saying don't go snooping around my house ever again. Well, goodbye. There was a knock on the door just for me.

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  1. I love your story!! Have you seen a movie like that?

  2. I really loved your format, and it was really creepy how your dreams came true!

  3. I liked how you wrote this in a journal format, but this will give me nightmares for DAYS.